Tremap and R3GIS launch GreenSpaces in the UK
The new standard in urban green space management software
20 Oktober, 2023 durch
Tremap and R3GIS launch GreenSpaces in the UK

Cornwall based Tremap teams up with R3GIS to launch GreenSpaces - the definitive new standard in tree inventory and green space management software. The product of 20 years of development, GreenSpaces, will redefine how local authorities, tree officers, arborists and tree-care companies manage trees and green infrastructure throughout the UK.

GreenSpaces will mark its debut on the UK market at the National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC), on November 7th in Reading, England. Hosted by the Association of Tree Officers, the Institute of Chartered Foresters, the London Tree Officers Association and the Municipal Tree Officers’ Association and with more than 250 green space industry professionals in attendance, the NTOC event serves as the ideal launch venue for the platform.

GreenSpaces, already used by more than 250 cities and enterprises throughout Europe, introduces to the UK market one of the most innovative green space management software solutions available. It includes game-changing functionalities, such as:

  • Accurate calculation of ecosystem benefits for trees;

  • Integrated support for greehill digital tree scanning technology;

  • QTRA calculation for trees, native in the software;

  • An app to access and update tree data in the field, working without Internet connectivity;

  • Smart planning of work tasks;

  • (In development) UK wide tree canopy datasets integrated into the GreenSpaces interface and automatic calculation of canopy cover based on regularly updated data. 

In pre-launch presentations, GreenSpaces has already attracted the attention of industry professionals. Alan Rowe (Operations Manager Plymouth City Council) gave an enthusiastic appraisal of the platform’s new functionalities: “There’s nothing like this out there. It’s going to completely change how we work.”

20. Oktober 2023