Piattaforma tecnologica innovativa per promuovere la gestione delle aree verdi per un migliore adattamento climatico nelle aree urbane

Nearly 4 out of 5 European citizens live in cities and their quality of life depends largely on the quality of the urban environment, yet urban areas in Europe have to deal with a large number of environmental issues. Although the scale and intensity of the problems varies from city to city, common emergencies can be identified, including poor air quality, high levels of ambient noise, climate change and the related need for adaptation, lack of sports and play areas, low quality of green areas. All these issues constitute real environmental challenges and result in significant impacts on the life quality and economic performance of cities. Urban green areas play an important role in improving cities' resilience. They cannot be simply considered as aesthetic elements anymore, but as a real service to citizens and lively allies for urban climate regulation and climate change mitigation.

In this context, LIFE URBANGREEN aims to optimize the innovative technological platform GreenSpaces, and to improve management of green areas in 2 European cities. The platform is based on GIS technologies developed by R3GIS, and it integrates an ecosystem services assessment provided by urban green areas, a water management tool, the optimization of routes for maintenance, an environmental monitoring system with IOT technology and remote sensing data, and public participation tools.

LIFE URBANGREEN aims to demonstrate that more attention to the management of green infrastructure results in increased ecosystem services, and therefore, more ecological and economic benefits for citizens. The ultimate objective is to allow cities to better respond to climate changes.

The LIFE URBANGREEN project shares knowledge on the value of urban green areas with citizens. Check the public portals:

Public Portal of Rimini Public Portal of Krakow


Financing programme: LIFE

Project partners: R3GIS (Lead Partner), University of Milan, ProGea 4D, Anthea, ZZM

Duration: 07/2018 - 12/2021

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Con il contributo del LIFE Programme of the European Union.