Green Agorà: an event organized by Flormart for “The green city of the future”
14 Juni, 2022 durch
Green Agorà: an event organized by Flormart for “The green city of the future”

On Friday 17 December, Fiere di Parma (Italy) hosted the first edition of "Green Agora" - the new event on urban greenery organised by Flormart - dedicated to "The green city of the future".

During the meeting, the LIFE URBANGREEN partners offered an overview on the implemented methods as well as results of the project. The cities of Krakow (Poland) and Rimini (Italy), the University of Milan, the technology company ProGea 4D (Poland) as well as R3GIS, the lead partner of the project, carried out scientific studies in order to improve GreenSpaces platform for the management of urban green areas through innovative methods, which include the evaluation of ecological benefits provided by trees. It was therefore studied and calculated how trees in cities contribute to the protection of the environment and the adaptation to climate change and thus to the ultimate well-being of citizens.

Innovation is also part of the dissemination aspect of LIFE URBANGREEN: in fact, information collected is available online and all citizens can access data of about 90,000 trees, calculated on a daily and annual basis. Information comes from the GreenSpaces management platform, which enables cities to manage their green areas more efficiently based on long-term planning strategies.

The presentation given by LIFE URBANGREEN during Green Agorà followed a concrete path, starting from the survey of a green area by applying the data model provided by the 2020 Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) to the uploading of the collected data on GreenSpaces and its use for an efficient management of territorial data. Prof. Alessio Fini presented methodologies and results of ecosystem services measurements, conducted on trees in Rimini and Krakow. Finally, innovative tools for the efficient management of urban green areas, developed within the LIFE URBANGREEN project, were presented, with a greater attention to environmental benefits and citizens' involvement.

The conference materials and recordings of the conference will be available soon.

Check the Layman’s Report to gain more information on the project:

Are you curious to learn more about the environmental benefits of trees in Rimini and Krakow? Here you can easily access the two public portals.

Public portal of Rimini:
Public portal of Krakow:

14. Juni 2022