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What is greehill?

greehill is the driving force for transforming urban forest management. Cities around the world are discovering a new way to analyse and manage trees to tangibly improve the lives of citizens.

Using a unique combination of laser scanning, machine learning and AI, greehill gathers precise data and quality images, creating a digital twin of every tree and providing revolutionary insights about the entire urban forest.

In GreenSpaces, R3GIS integrates the information extracted from greehill digital twins, so that trees can be managed in the most efficient way.


Improved safety

Monitoring the health and structural integrity of urban trees helps identify potential hazards, such as falling branches or trees, and allows for preventive measures to be taken to ensure public safety.

Increased tree health

Regular monitoring helps identify early signs of disease or pest infestations, allowing for prompt treatment and improving the overall health of urban trees.

Cost savings

Effective monitoring helps reduce maintenance costs associated with urban trees by allowing for more targeted and efficient interventions.

Enhanced environmental benefits

Monitoring helps identify which trees are providing the most benefits to the local ecosystem, allowing for their protection and preservation.

Better decision-making

Access to accurate and up-to-date data helps inform decision-making around urban tree management, ensuring that resources are allocated in the most effective and efficient way.

Keep your city’s trees healthy, safe, and resilient and their management costs low with greehill Inventory, the world's first Smart Tree Inventory.

Get your field execution right

  • Create a complete tree inventory in a fraction of the time​
  • Maintain up-to-date and reliable information​
  • Monitor tree health and vitality from satellite and ground​
  • Identify locations to plant new trees​
  • Conduct semi-automated risk assessments​
  • Identify heat islands
  • Evaluate corridor and infrastructure clearance​
  • Track trends in urban forest health over time


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