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Road and traffic signs management

Road and traffic signs management

RoadSpaces is a WebGIS tool for the management and care of traffic signs and other traffic information. RoadSpaces has demonstrated its value as a useful tool, especially for municipal authorities in enforcing road traffic regulations.

However, RoadSpaces is more than a sign management tool. It greatly eases the management of traffic regulations, and parking lots and the control of traffic flows in municipalities. Additionally, the RoadSpaces database can be used in tracking information on accidents.

What RoadSpaces offers


All information concerning traffic signs is managed in a single database, including location, the state of poles and signs, respective municipal regulations, photographs, date of production and installation, category and durability of the coating etc.


You can search for traffic signs with expired film with the click of a mouse. With RoadSpaces, when onboarding existing datasets, you can easily import past inquiries and existing maps.


The location of all traffic signs is displayed on a map.


Using a mobile app or tablet users can also use RoadSpaces to collect data on location.


RoadSpaces contains a database with all traffic signs foreseen by the traffic regulation.


RoadSpaces allows you to plan the maintenance of traffic signs in an efficient way.


In the event of disputes about traffic tickets, the application supplies all information for traffic signs relevant to a case.


In the event of accidents, all relevant traffic sign information is accessible at the click of a mouse.


RoadSpaces also provides an excellent way to manage inventories of traffic signs.