Web-GIS Technology

R3GIS is specialised in developing management software with Web-GIS and mobile technology based on Open Source components. We are thrilled to use our experience and expertise to provide you with the most adequate solution for your business.


  • Our software can be used by a wide number of users.
  • Any internet browser and device supports access to our software.
  • Maintenance and support activities can be carried out remotely, allowing to act immediately upon request and reducing costs.

Mobile Technology

Mobile devices allow users to carry out their operations directly in the field. R3GIS has therefore developed and optimized mobile technology to fulfill customers needs:

  • Application for Android devices to collect data and update the central database directly on site;
  • Optimized interfaces for mobile devices;
  • Offline use in the field to allow maximum flexibility;
  • User friendly interfaces.

Open Source Technology

R3GIS contributes to the Open Source technology improvement, being involved in many Open Source projects, providing expertise for coding, testing, bug fixing and documentation and supporting Open Source initiatives. By actively taking part in the Open Source Community we believe we can develop tailored solutions to better satisfy our customers. In this way, we are able to guarantee a high level of reliability and integration of our products.


R3GIS sponsors events related to free software, such as the 2022 FOSS4G International Conference, which took place in August 2022 in Florence, Italy.