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GreenSpaces is an integrated and geo-referenced platform to organise and document the care and maintenance of urban greenery in the most efficient way.

Its simple and user-friendly interface, tailored to the needs of clients, makes GreenSpaces the ideal software solution for all those involved in green management.

Thanks to web and mobile technology, all users can access a constantly updated database from any location.

Increased efficiency

Green management based on solid, up-to-date information is more cost-efficient. Historical data is accessible to users at all times and provides comprehensive survey information of managed areas.

Public participation

Public engagement in green management, made possible with citizen reporting tools, results in higher quality standards for green areas.


Our flexible open standards based solutions can be easily integrated into other IT systems. This gives you full control of your data at all times via clearly documented interfaces.

Improved safety

Updated monitoring of trees and play equipment helps reduce the risk of accidents in public areas. GreenSpaces keeps track of tree assessments, playground inspections and maintenance activities.


GreenSpaces integrates the latest innovation in data capture, environmental sensors, NFC and RFID tagging. R3GIS is constantly investing in research and development to keep its software solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

Used by thousands of urban green management professionals


Public Administrations

Tree & Playground Consultants

What is Managed?

GreenSpaces manages all elements of green areas in a spatial database. The software lets users plan maintenance jobs, track issues with attached documents and photos, and carry out assessments on trees and playground equipment.

Via the GreenSpaces mobile app, users can monitor and document operations directly in the field. Numeric or RFID tags help identify objects under management and provide full traceability for all activities.

Trees and Equipment

For the management of trees, recreational and sports equipment GreenSpaces provides specific procedures, which accurately track inspections and maintenance activities carried out.

Data of managed objects, monitoring forms, validation procedures, types of jobs and user profiles are all highly configurable, providing clients with an interface solution that perfectly fits their needs.

GreenSpaces was designed to provide a fully comprehensive solution for inventory and management of urban green areas. During the last few years, R3GIS has worked closely with pilot cities and research institutions to further extend the functionality of our platform. We've developed a set of additional modules that help cities adapt to climate change, reduce the carbon footprint of maintenance activities and foster citizen engagement.

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A single, up-to-date database

All information about sites and their elements can be browsed in real time by all stakeholders involved in green management.


The activity calendar for each site is shared with contractors and administrators as a detailed job list or Gantt chart. Users can view only those activities for which they have responsibility.

Software as a Service

GreenSpaces is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) with an annual subscription fee, which includes the use of the web platform and the mobile app, hosting service, the daily data back-up and remote support.

Unlimited number of users

You decide who uses the platform. There is no limit on the number of users you can create for all stakeholders involved in the management of green areas.


Maintenance activities, tree assessments and inspections can be scheduled and assigned to operators. Automatic procedures allow planning of activities dependant on inspection outcomes.

Offline operation

Information is updated directly on the field through the mobile app, even without internet connectivity.

Data import/export

GreenSpaces allows authorised users to import and export survey data in a standardised and documented format.


GreenSpaces is available in various versions for companies, public administrations and tree and playground experts.

Below are listed the different GreenSpaces features

Unlimited number of users with differentiated roles
Site form with features, documents, statistics
Customizable basemap
Job management with relative costs, timing and planning
Prints in PDF format, exports in XLS and SHP formats
Android app for smartphone or tablet for field work
Tree form with visual and instrumental stability assessments
Positioning of roadside trees with linear referencing
Play- and Sports equipment form with inspections
Management of all types of objects (greenery and urban furniture)
Monitoring of issues and non-compliances
Import survey from SHP format

An additional Enterprise version includes all features of GREENSPACES for multiple clients, each with a custom configuration.

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GreenSpaces Brochure
Urban Green Areas and Roadside green / Efficient and responsible management
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Technical data sheet
Efficient and responsible management of urban green areas

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Yes. There are procedures to import data in both Excel and Shapefile formats. To successfully onboard data, Excel files must contain a specific set of fields. Some of those are mandatory and must contain data (e.g. area, plant number, geographical coordinates). Others are optional (e.g. taxonomy, diameter and tree height).

To load the inventory of a green area you can import a Shapefile. Shapefile is a GIS format that contains both geometric data (polygons, lines or points) and the corresponding attributes and can be created or modified with different types of GIS software. To import these files, they must conform to the technical specifications of the “Data Model for the inventory of Green Areas”. Data can also be imported from Excel files (technical support by the R3GIS team usually required).

Support is only a quick email away (at support@r3gis.com). The R3GIS team will contact the client to discuss problems and find solutions. Service contracts also provide for maintenance work.

GreenSpaces includes an app for Android devices which allows collection of data in the field. New trees can be recorded, including the tree's Visual Stability Assessment, playground equipment can be entered and documented, issues can be recorded, jobs reviewed and closed, and much more - all in offline mode. The GreenSpaces app works smoothly in areas of poor or no connectivity, and updates can be synced once the user is back within Internet coverage.

Yes, simply connect an external GPS device to your Tablet or Smartphone via Bluetooth and positioning accuracy will be improved on aerial imagery (imagery also displayed in offline mode, if need be).

A demo of GreenSpaces is available online. To access the demo, please send us a request to info@r3gis.com with your details. A member of the R3GIS team will be in touch with you to guide you through the functionality of the software and give you temporary access to the demo for 15 days.

Data can be exported from GreenSpaces in various formats, depending on the data type. Area/site lists and lists of work orders can be downloaded in Excel file format. Inventories of trees, play areas and surfaces, tree lists and their stability assessments, lists of recreational objects and related inspections, can be downloaded both in Excel file and Shapefile formats. Reports on all of this information can also be printed in PDF format.

DXF files cannot be imported directly. You must first convert them into Shapefile format in accordance with the specifications and then import them. There are several programs that allow you to convert them, some of which are Open Source.

GreenSpaces has a function that allows you to calculate statistics on all assets or on specific locations. GreenSpaces records all the changes on the database and can then make comparisons between two different dates. Results of statistics can be exported in Excel Tables.

Yes. Each operator using GreenSpaces performs tasks and functions limited to their particular job description. User profiles can be individually configured according to the needs of the client.

Yes. A manual is available, accessible within the application.