Conference: Innovations and technologies for an efficient green management 

22nd of February 2023

                                                                              Register to the R3GIS Conference and GreenSpaces User Meeting that will take place at MyPlant & Garden 2023.
                                                                              During the fair you can also visit R3GIS at the   K38 Booth - Hall 20  in the  Urban Green Management area.

                                                                              On the 22nd of February, 13.30 - 15.45, R3GIS will present "Innovations and technologies for an efficient green management",
                                                                              with the moderation of Roberto Diolaiti, Presidente Associazione Italiana Direttori e Tecnici Pubblici Giardini.

                                                                              This event will cover the following three topics:

                                                                              1. Natural Capital Accounting applied to urban green: a collaboration between LAND and R3GIS with Andreas Kipar
                                                                              2. Digital twins of greehill technology on urban forest management with Paolo Viskanic
                                                                              3. IV User Meeting with GreenSpaces users, to define priorities for software developments 

                                                                              Upon registration you will receive a free entrance ticket to the fair.

                                                                              22nd of February 2023, 13.30 - 15.45

                                                                              MyPlant & Garden, Conference Room, Hall 20 - Lane M

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