A great start with greehill in Italy

Today we are in Padova to conduct the very first survey in Italy with greehill technology, to collect accurate data on roadside trees!

Being R3GIS greehill's official partner in Italy and in Italian Switzerland, we are really excited to foster the efficient management and monitoring of urban forest using this cutting-edge technology!

With a unique combination of laser scanning, machine learning and AI, greehill gathers precise data and quality images, creating a digital twin of every tree and providing revolutionary insights about the entire urban forest. In GreenSpaces, R3GIS integrates the information extracted from greehill digital twins, so that trees can be managed in the most efficient way. In the future, from GreenSpaces, it will be possible to directly consult digital twins. Our team is working on this platform upgrade

With today's survey, we start a new monitoring contract with the city of Padova, that will last for five years and will analyse all roadside trees within the municipality.

July 27, 2023
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