GreenSpaces and greehill in the MyPlanTech area
8 February, 2023 by
GreenSpaces and greehill in the MyPlanTech area

MyPlanTech Area, Hall 20, L19 - M28 | 22nd - 24th February

How important is technological innovation to enhance environmental sustainability? We will talk about this in the MyPlanTech area, the exhibition section of MyPlant & Garden, that constitutes an opportunity for green oriented companies to meet and connect with research.  For years now, R3GIS and greehill, which bring innovation to the green industry, have  been engaged in the development of concrete solutions to the current and future challenges of urban green spaces.

The digital twin technology developed by greehill accelerates the digital transition in green asset management and makes cities safer and more resilient to climate change. Moreover, greehill detects digital twins of urban trees with high-precision laser instruments. This enables the monitoring and analysis of individual trees and entire urban forests through objective data and high-definition images. Integrated with GreenSpaces, this technological innovation enables fast surveying, higher data accuracy and management of tree monitoring and intervention. GreenSpaces technology ensures fast, objective and accurate assessments of urban forests, maximising environmental, economic and social benefits, and involving citizens in the green areas management.

In addition to the exhibition stand at MyPlanTech, R3GIS and greehill will present “greehill’s digital twins in urban forest management” in the Meeting Area at the following time slots:

  • 22nd of February, 10.00 - 10.30

  • 23rd of February,  16.00 - 16.30

  • 24th of  February, 13.30 - 14.00

During the fair, R3GIS will be present at the Booth K38 - Hall 20 in the Urban Green Management area. For more details read the news here.

We look forward to seeing you

February 8, 2023