GreenSpaces Pilot Project in Hamburg
24 June, 2024 by
GreenSpaces Pilot Project in Hamburg

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SBH | Schulbau Hamburg is at the forefront of innovative green management. The organisation manages over 400 school grounds around the city and has launched a pilot project utilizing GreenSpaces, the comprehensive tree and green infrastructure management software by R3GIS. Fully translated into German and supported by a dedicated German-speaking client support team, GreenSpaces is revolutionizing how SBH | Schulbau Hamburg manages its urban green assets. 

A Shared Tree Inventory

GreenSpaces has enabled SBH | Schulbau Hamburg to implement an exhaustive inventory of all trees within green areas it manages. Previously, only trees with defects were tracked, but now, every tree under the Hamburg Tree Protection Regulation is recorded. This includes detailed information on tree numbers, age, conditions, and species diversity, as Ricarda Rump, Project Manager for Outdoor Facilities at SBH | Schulbau explains in the video-interview.

The integration of GreenSpaces has fostered seamless collaboration between tree inspection and tree care companies. This synergy provides instant access to the complete history of any tree, facilitating timely intervention for issues such as the development of new dead wood. "We work with a tree inspection company and a tree care company in cooperation, and they all work with GreenSpaces on-site. They can pull up the entire history of the trees and notify us when new dead wood has developed. We enter that in the app so it gets included directly in the complete work order," Rump explained.

Efficient Communication and Workflow

Before the adoption of GreenSpaces, managing tree-related tasks was labor-intensive, involving extensive communication. The new system has drastically reduced this overhead, streamlining the process into just a few clicks. "Before the app was introduced, the communication overhead for these situations was extremely high. It meant 5-6 people were occupied for a whole day to organize such a task. Now, it takes five clicks," said Jochen Braun, Foreman at Arbor Artist Baumpflege.

GreenSpaces facilitates real-time data transmission, including photos and documentation. The app's smartphone compatibility harnesses the power of speech recognition to further enhance efficiency, making text entry quicker and more convenient. "It really has simplified the work in many ways. Since you can use it right on your smartphone, you can set up the speech recognition function really well, making text entry a lot faster," said Kai Börger, Playground Inspector at Grünraum.

Moreover, the app's functionality allows contractors to independently navigate to job sites using precise GPS coordinates. This independence eliminates the need for continuous guidance from site managers. "It's just totally simplified the workflow. You take a picture, the contractor knows the position, and they go to the site on their own. We don't have to tell them or go along with them. And we can check if they've been there or not," said Yvonne Grummershäuser Prendi, working for SBH | Schulbau Hamburg.

The GreenSpaces pilot project in Hamburg has proven to be a game-changer in urban green management. With comprehensive tree inventories, seamless collaboration, efficient communication, and real-time data transmission, the software has significantly enhanced the city's ability to manage its green spaces effectively. As Hamburg continues to pioneer sustainable urban practices, the success of GreenSpaces offers a promising model for cities worldwide.

June 24, 2024