R3GIS at Deutsche Baumpflegetage 2024: Pioneering Urban Green Management
21 March, 2024 by
R3GIS at Deutsche Baumpflegetage 2024: Pioneering Urban Green Management

Save the Date! April 23rd to 25th, 2024 | Augsburg, Germany

As the global community increasingly embraces the importance of sustainable urban development, innovative solutions have become paramount. At R3GIS, we are committed to revolutionizing the way cities manage their green spaces. We are excited to announce our participation in Deutsche Baumpflegetage 2024, where we will showcase GreenSpaces, our cutting-edge solution, which includes climate protection, green space maintenance, management and inventory and citizen participation in one single product!  

Embracing Innovation at Deutsche Baumpflegetage 2024  

Deutsche Baumpflegetage, organized from April 23rd to 25th in Augsburg, Germany, is renowned as Europe's premier event for tree care and urban green management. We invite you to join us at Stand C01 - Hall 1, as we present the latest advancements in our complete management solution. Our flagship product, GreenSpaces, is designed to empower city administrations, green management companies and arborists. GreenSpaces is the only software solution that combines efficient management tools for green infrastructure and advanced environmental data on one platform: from accurate data collection of all objects in green spaces (trees, shrubs, design objects, playgrounds and sports fields, lawns, flower beds, etc.), to detailed scheduling of jobs with cost accounting, reports, and safety control, paired with the calculation of the ecosystem services of trees and shrubs and the communication with citizens.  

Deutsche Baumpflegetage 2024 is a unique opportunity to network, learn, and collaborate. Our partnerships with TreeSense sensors and ArboTag labelling system from Latschbacher, both present at the fair, ensure that our offerings are at the forefront of innovation, seamlessly integrating accurate data and information into our platform.  

Join us at Deutsche Baumpflegetage 2024 to learn more about GreenSpaces and our collaborative efforts to revolutionize the way cities manage their green spaces. Together, let's pave the way towards a brighter, greener tomorrow. 

Image credits: Forum Baumpflege GmbH & CO KG

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