The green performance of Italian cities

Good news about the results highlighted by the "Ecosistema Urbano" report on the green performance of Italian provincial capitals in 2022. The study takes into account 18 indicators, including urban greenery, which comprise the extension of public green areas, the number of trees in public areas, and the efficient use of land.

Legambiente, in cooperation with Ambiente Italia, recently presented the ranking of the most virtuous municipalities. It emerges that 10 out of the top 15 green cities in the final ranking use the R3GIS GreenSpaces platform for the efficient management of urban green.  

Among the GreenSpaces users, excellent results are found in the city of Bolzano, on the podium with a score of 79% green performance, summarising all indicators used in the study. As far as the category "Urban green" is concerned, Trento ranks highest with 396 square metres of public green per inhabitant, while Trieste counts with 102 public trees for every 100 inhabitants. Milan, Bolzano and Monza show an excellent ratio between the level of urbanisation and the number of residents, with the highest scores for efficient land use.

In addition to providing concrete support in keeping the census of public green areas constantly up-to-date, GreenSpaces provides specific services for administrations to implement measures that pay more attention to the environment and the wellbeing of citizens. Therefore, our congratulations go to the virtuous municipalities, may this be a starting point for the efficient and environmentally aware green management!

December 6, 2022
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