Trainings for young agricultural graduates

R3GIS, in collaboration with Sinergie per Aziende Srl, recently organised a training course at the Ponti Institute in Somma Lombardo on the use of the GreenSpaces software and aimed at young students approaching high school graduation.

The objective of the course was to provide specific information on the use of the advanced solution for the management of green areas and explain the relevant procedures within the current national regulatory context: from the Minimum Environmental Criteria CAM, to the data model for the GIS census of green areas, to the illustration of various data acquisition methodologies. In addition, discussions were held on the scientific research carried out by the LIFE URBANGREEN and Interreg IT-CH VerdeVale projects on the analysis of ecosystem needs and services, and the importance of their communication to citizens through the Public Portals. In conclusion, the topics of reporting and traceability of documentation were addressed.

Once the first theoretical phase was completed, the students from classes 5A and 5B of the Institute went out in the field to experiment with the use of the GreenSpaces Mobile App for census, VTAs, creating reports and analysing the monitoring phases through practical exercises.  

For us at R3GIS, it was a real pleasure to be able to train young agricultural practitioners, with the intention of passing on concrete technical skills that can, in the near future, support public administrations and companies in the efficient management of green areas, with a particular perspective on smart and sustainable cities.

June 8, 2023
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