Tremap joins forces to market GreenSpaces in the UK
12 December, 2023 by
Tremap joins forces to market GreenSpaces in the UK

Cornwall based software company Tremap has partnered with leading Italian software developer R3GIS as the sole UK distributor for GreenSpaces, the product of over 20 years of development and one of Europe’s leading urban forestry platforms. Already in use by over 250 cities and enterprises on the continent, the GreenSpaces platform promises to completely redefine how UK local authorities, tree officers, arborists and tree-care companies manage trees and green infrastructure.

The partnership agreement, signed at the end of September, 2023, will bring significant market advantages for both companies. “Partnering with local, UK based Tremap opens up an entirely new market for us” said Paolo Viskanic, CEO of R3GIS. “It will allow us to make GreenSpaces available to both public and private sector clients in the UK market and we look forward to watching GreenSpaces flourish in the UK, as it has on the continent!” For Tremap, in turn, the addition of GreenSpaces to its product mix represents a huge leap forward. “In bringing GreenSpaces into our product ecosystem, we’re capitalizing on 20 years of development and testing” enthused Jonathon Jones OBE, founder and CEO of Tremap. “GreenSpaces is extremely mature as a platform – the numbers are confidence inspiring: 5,000 satisfied users, over 2 million trees managed and more than 30,000 items of green space infrastructure maintained. We’re delighted to be able to offer a product of this calibre to the UK market.”  

In pre-launch presentations, GreenSpaces has already attracted the attention of industry professionals. Alan Rowe (Operations Manager Plymouth City Council) gave an enthusiastic appraisal of the platform’s new functionalities: “There’s nothing like this out there. It’s going to completely change how we work.”

GreenSpaces includes a number of truly innovative, game-changing functionalities, such as:  

  • Much more accurate calculation of ecosystem benefits for trees, not simply based on generic (and often less accurate) allometric values;

  • Integrated support for greehill digital tree scanning technology;

  • QTRA calculation for trees, native in the software;

  • An app for work teams and tree officers to access and update tree data in the field (also works reliably no Internet connectivity);

  • Smart planning of work tasks (e.g. alerts on long distances between work sites allow more intelligent planning and the reduction of emissions and expenditure, weather sensitive work task planning provides alerts on forecasted inclement weather not compatible with the planned activity);

  • (In development) UK wide tree canopy datasets integrated into the GreenSpaces interface and automatic calculation of canopy cover based on regularly updated data.  

GreenSpaces will be available on the UK market by the end of 2023. Pre-launch platform demo presentations are available upon request.

December 12, 2023