X-Cities: Extended Cities between virtual and physical scapes
22 November, 2023 by
X-Cities: Extended Cities between virtual and physical scapes

Second Polytechnic Culture Exhibition
Curated by Cecilia Bolognesi, Eugenio Morello and Pier Luca Lanzi 

Guido Nardi Exhibition Space
Via Ampère, 2, Milan
Open until January the 12th

What kind of world will we live in in the near future? How will our cities change as a result of a new perception of physical and digital space? 

R3GIS participates in the permanent exhibition X-Cities by bringing a research pathway that has lasted from 2006 to today. Starting with the creation of the Sistema Informativo Territoriale (SIT) of Public Green in Milan, R3GIS, together with the Politecnico and the Municipality of Milan, has initiated a revolution in the way green space is managed today. For the first time in Italy, a geographical database of public green areas was set up, which has become increasingly rich in information over time. Today, the data contained in the GreenSpaces application transforms the management of green areas into a true information flow.  

One of the latest frontiers is the creation of the 'digital twin' of public greenery, which makes it possible to track the growth of trees semi-automatically and to make more accurate decisions about public greenery in a way that promotes optimal living conditions for citizens and greater sustainability of our cities. 

The X-Cities exhibition investigates the advances in research and technologies currently at work in constructing the identity of 'extended cities' by exploring the emergence of a new digitally mediated relationship between people and the environment. 

X-Cities allows us to observe digitisation projects of the existing, but also monitoring of urban architecture and the natural environment. 

Images, videos, concept maps, stories, and avatars with human features tell us about distant realities and immaterial worlds under the lens of research. 

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November 22, 2023