Leveraging GreenSpaces for Efficient Green Management in Krakow, Poland
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Leveraging GreenSpaces for Efficient Green Management in Krakow, Poland

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Krakow, Poland, a city renowned for its historical and cultural significance, is also making waves in the realm of environmental management. The city's greenery, comprising over 250,000 managed trees in public areas, requires meticulous care and systematic monitoring to ensure its health and safety. This monumental task has been revolutionized by the implementation of GreenSpaces, our cutting-edge tool designed to enhance urban green management. ZZM Krakow was suppported by ProGea4D, the R3GIS partner in Poland.

Enhancing Efficiency and Collaboration

GreenSpaces is more than just a database. It's a comprehensive platform that provides efficient and effective management of green areas. As Agnieszka Szatan, tree officer at ZZM Krakow, explains, "We have around 100 users. They are not only our workers, but also external companies have access to GreenSpaces. They have different kinds of access, and it is also useful that not everyone has the same kind of access to analyze and put information into the program." The flexibility in configuring user access ensures that information is accurately recorded and efficiently utilized by all stakeholders.

Comprehensive Tree Inventory and Monitoring

The primary motive for adopting GreenSpaces in Krakow was to create an exhaustive inventory of trees managed by the city. This tool allows for systematic monitoring through the generation of work schedules based on the trees' condition. "The main goal [in using GreenSpaces] was to inventorize trees managed by the city and to be able to conduct systematic monitoring by generating appropriate work schedules based on the phytosanitary condition of the trees," Szatan elaborates. By centralizing this data, the tool has streamlined the flow of information, making the work of tree officers like Szatan much faster and more efficient.

Fieldwork Made Easier

For those on the ground, like Łukasz Mielczarek, a tree officer and naturalist at ZZM Krakow, GreenSpaces has been a game-changer. "Usually, I get a job from the field inspector wanting to know about the biodiversity of the trees. So in this job, I will also save the coordinates of the tree, the direct localization, for example, in a park like here, with 50 hectares of area. And I don't lose the time to find the tree because I get it directly [from GreenSpaces] when I need it. So everything is gathered in one place," Mielczarek notes. This capability significantly reduces the time and effort needed to locate specific trees, enhancing the efficiency of fieldwork and the overall management process.

Ensuring Safety and Facilitating Long-Term Planning

Safety is a paramount concern for the ZZM Krakow team. As Łukasz Pawlik, the ZZM Krakow Deputy Director, points out, "Of course we care about trees, about tree condition, but we are also responsible for safety. Risk management is very important because citizens use green areas. [...] It needs to be safe." GreenSpaces aids in identifying potential risks by maintaining up-to-date information on the condition of each tree, thereby ensuring that green areas are safe for public use.

The impact of GreenSpaces extends far beyond immediate management needs. Pawlik emphasizes the long-term benefits, stating, "The impact of GreenSpaces is very big because GreenSpaces helps us collect all information about trees and green areas in Krakow. We manage about 250,000 trees. This is a big number. You have to have access to information about every single tree. It's a big challenge." The extensive data collection supports long-term planning and allows the information to be shared with various stakeholders, including other employees, external companies, and even citizens. "We could share this information to companies who help us care about trees, other employees and citizens, because many citizens need this information, ask about this information," Pawlik adds.

GreenSpaces represents a significant advancement in urban green management, and allows city administrators to make the right moves that have a lasting impact on the landscape and on the health of our environment. ZZM Krakow's commitment underscores their dedication to creating a sustainable and well-managed urban environment. "In ZZM we are proud to make the best move to a better future," Pawlik concludes.

Watch our video interview with ZZM, Krakow

June 11, 2024